"GRWF is committed to helping Australia meet its renewable energy target."

"The communities support for renewable energy development will have a global impact on the reduction of carbon emissions."

"The renewable energy industry is expanding in Australia with many career potentials."

Site Location

Gullen Range Wind Farm (GRWF) is located in the Southern Tablelands, NSW on the Great Dividing Range near Crookwell. The wind farm extends over a distance of about 25 kilometres from about 6 kilometres south of Crookwell to its southern extent about 10 kilometres north of Breadalbane. The Wind Farm is also about 20 kilometres west of Goulburn.


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The project is located within Upper Lachlan Shire. The land on which the project is located is privately owned grazing land that is zoned either RU1 – Primary Production or, RU2 – Rural Landscape. Some areas designated as Crown Reserve have been involved through arrangements with the Crown Lands Agency. Access to the project area has used the local road network within Goulburn Mulwaree Shire and Upper Lachlan Shire.  

Planning has involved 4 turbine groups, Kialla, Bannister, Pomeroy and Gurrundah. The 73 turbines are distributed as listed below and shown in the Project Map:

  • Kialla Group – 2 turbines
  • Bannister Group – 30 turbines

A 33kV/330kV substation is located between the northern and southern groups

  • Pomeroy Group – 23 turbines
  • Gurrundah Group – 18 turbines

The turbines are strategically located on elevated ground or on ridges for the best wind exposure. The highest turbines are at elevations of about 1,000 metres above sea level. The rural land, where the project is located and in surrounding areas, is predominantly used for grazing of sheep and cattle but also includes elements of rural lifestyle living.


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The substation is located in the centre of the site for direct connection to the 330kV network owned by TransGrid. The Sydney West to Yass 330kV transmission line runs acroos the locality and to the north of the Pomeroy Group of turbines. The construction site office is located adjacent the substation and is accessed via Storriers Lane.