"The renewable energy industry is expanding in Australia with many career potentials."



"Goldwind is committed to helping Australia meet its renewable energy target."

"The communities support for renewable energy development will have a global impact on the reduction of carbon emissions."

"In 1 year of operating GRWF will offset 445 mega-tonnes of CO2."


The Gullen Range Wind Farm team is committed to ensuring that the Project will not negatively impact the environment during either construction or operation.

We have carefully considered potential environmental impacts and have, where necessary, ensured that appropriate mitigation measures are implemented.

Environmental management will continue to be incorporated into all aspects of the Project’s delivery and our processes and systems will be regularly reviewed to ensure that best practice is observed.

In addition, throughout the Project’s construction there will be an independent onsite Environmental Representative (ER), appointed by the Director General of the Department of Planning and Infrastructure for the duration of construction The ER is independent of Gullen Range Wind Farm but will work closely with the Project team to ensure that environmental issues are identified early and actioned accordingly. Specifically, the ER  will be responsible for ensuring that Gullen Range Wind Farm meet the conditions of approval for the Project.