"The renewable energy industry is expanding in Australia with many career potentials."



"Goldwind is committed to helping Australia meet its renewable energy target."

"The communities support for renewable energy development will have a global impact on the reduction of carbon emissions."

"In 1 year of operating GRWF will offset 445 mega-tonnes of CO2."

Community and Benefits

Gullen Range Wind Farm understands that maintaining good communications with the local community is integral to the success of the project. We aim to keep an open dialogue and effectively transfer vital information with the local residents, stakeholders and the wider community during the implementation of the project. To ensure this is consistent throughout the pre-construction, construction and operation phases of the project a Community Information Plan helps all parties involved to manage communications with the local community.

The NSW Government, in the Planning Approval of the Gullen Range Wind Farm (07_0118), stipulated that a Community Enhancement Program be sponsored by the project that will see over $125,000 per year be given to residents and community groups operating within 10km from the wind farm. This concept is an initiative of the Upper Lachlan Shire Council that is detailed on the Upper Lachlan Development Control Plan 2010 section 3.17. The Program will incorporate both a Community Fund for community facilities or non-profit events and a Clean Energy Program that will assist community members who choose to implement Clean Energy techniques into their houses or businesses.

The planning document for the Community Enhancement Program has beenĀ  uploaded here for community members to read and respond to. If you live within about 10km of the proposed wind farm location we encourage to get involved and let us know what you think of the Community Enhancement Program on the feedback page.

The consultation process for this plan has commenced and we look forward to receiving your comments on its implementation in your community.