"The renewable energy industry is expanding in Australia with many career potentials."



"Goldwind is committed to helping Australia meet its renewable energy target."

"The communities support for renewable energy development will have a global impact on the reduction of carbon emissions."

"In 1 year of operating GRWF will offset 445 mega-tonnes of CO2."


  1. How long will the wind farm be operating for?

    Typically, the lifespan of a wind farm is 20 years, though wind farms often operate beyond this time upon technical inspection. After this the infrastructure could be decommissioned or replaced with newer technology.

  2. Will there be any removal of native vegetation or trees?

    A Compensatory Habitat Package has been drafted that must be approved by the NSW Government Office of Environment and Heritage to ensure a net gain to the native vegetation and trees across the site of the wind farm. This means that an area of native vegetation and trees that is larger than the area that will be impacted by the wind farm will be developed and protected by the project company. http://www.environment.nsw.gov.au/

  3. Will there be any effect on TV reception?

    A background signal survey will be completed prior to construction to ensure that the quality of reception in the area will be maintained during the operation of the wind farm for landowners. Please note that May 2012 is the date when the area will move to the digital TV signal only, that means that the government is switching off the analogue signal area. Don't forget to upgrade your TV sets to digital.

  4. Why Gullen Range?

    The location of the wind farm was chosen since it is some of the windiest land in NSW and is located in close proximity to the electricity grid. Considered a Major Project by the NSW Government, Gullen Range Wind Farm will provide some of the most cost-effective renewable energy to NSW and Australia.

  5. What environmental sustainability actions are taking place at the location of the wind farm?

    All environmental sustainability requirements have been adequately studied and prevention measures detailed in the Environmental Management Plan have been approved by the necessary authorities. For further details please contact us.

  6. What Cultural Heritage sustainability measures are required?

    A cultural heritage survey has been performed across the site. Discussion with cultural heritage stakeholders will continue throughout the construction phase.

  7. When will construction start and how long will it take?

    Please refer to the Construction Timeline page.

  8. Will there be a noise impact?

    As required by the conditions of approval for the construction of the wind farm background noise tests have been completed to determine the baseline for the noise impact of the wind farm. The final design has been checked for compliance. Post construction another noise test will take place to demonstrate compliance.

  9. How much electricity will the wind farm produce?

    At maximum output, the wind farm will produce 158.5 megawatts or enough power to turn on 158,000 kettles at the same time. The NSW electricity emissions factor is 0.89 tCO2e/MWh (Australian Government, Department of Climate Change, "National Greenhouse Account Factors"). This means that 890kg of carbon is released when NSW electricity consumers use 1MWh of electricity from the grid. 1MWh of electricity is consumed if 8000 NSW families watch a typical 46" LCD TV for 1 hour. The project will provide approximately 500,000MWh each year (1370MWh each day) of 100% renewable energy.

  10. Will the wind farm increase the risk of fire to the local area?

    As required by the conditions of approval for the construction of the wind farm the Country Fire Authority has specified the requirements to ensure fire safety and emergency response meets statutory standards. While there is no increased threat of fire, extra water tanks and continuous monitoring will be in place for the construction and operation of the wind farm. For further information please contact the CFA.

  11. Where can I get more information?

    See www.goldwindglobal.com for more information on Goldwind Turbines. Also see www.cleanenergycouncil.org.au for information about the wind industry in Australia.

  12. Why is Gullen Range Wind Farm purchasing some land from local landholders?

    A number of project activities have now commenced including activities required by the NSW Land and Environment Court. Following careful consideration of the views of all parties and considering the impacts on the public domain and impacts on properties in the vicinity of the proposal, the Land and Environment Court confirmed the proposal complied with planning requirements and granted approval. The Land and Environment Court’s decision to approve the project recognized that there will be residual impacts on some landowners. One of the conditions of consent provides the owners of 7 nearby properties (consisting of 15 lots in total) the option to have their properties acquired by the project proponent, should they wish. Gullen Range Wind Farm Pty Ltd is currently following the process set out by the Land and Environment Court that provides the landowners a voluntary option to sell their property to the proponent, should they wish.