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Gullen Range Wind Farm

The Gullen Range Wind Farm is located in the Southern Tablelands, NSW on the

Great Dividing Range. It comprises a moderate size wind farm that at full output can generate

165.5MW of electricity from a renewable energy source. The power produced is enough to

supply 60,000 homes and is achieved with the benefit of delivering significant emissions

savings equivalent to over 3 million tonnes of greenhouse gases by 2020.

The project elements include:

  • 73 Goldwind turbines – two turbine models are used.
    • 56 of the GW100-2.5MW turbine model
    • 17 of the GW82-1.5MW turbine model
  • A 33kV/330kV substation for connection to the National Electricity Grid
  • Ancillary facilities including access tracks and electrical connection system

Key project milestones are as follows:

  • Project Application lodged under Part 3A of the EP&A Act on 28 August 2007.
  • Planning approval in August 2010 granted by Land and Environment Court.
  • Project acquired by Goldwind International on 28 January 2011
  • Construction commenced in 2012
  • The substation was energized in November 2013
  • Many of the turbines have now been installed and commissioned
  • Changes to Gullen Range Wind Farm ownership arrangements in July 2014
  • Project completion is now scheduled for the second half of 2014.

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